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Acanary's work is never done

Bad old Pussy cat

Bomb's away

Brrrr Baby It's cold outside

Don't I know you from somewhere

Don't worry little chikadee I'll save you

Don't you like me anymore

Eindetune Tweety Cartoon

Eindetune Tweety Cartoon That's all folks

Gimme a p Gimme a u Gimme a ddy

He got away

Hello puddy tat

Help help somebody save me help

I did I did saw a pussy cat

I don't know what all this scratching is about but

I don't think I did that just right you show me how

I got a peculiar feelingthat puddy tat is up to somethin

I may be wrong but I just don't trust puddy tat's honor

I'm getting no place fast

I say that was a biiiig yes

Is it me or is rekindling old  romances revolting

I taw I taw (wolfwhistle)

I taw I taw a puddy tat

I will have to flee for me little life

I wonder what that puddy tat is up to now

Just what are you doing with my little birdy

Kiss the little birdy


Like he said before once a bad old puddy tat always a bad old puddy tat

Mud is the greatest ever

My poor wittle cranium

Now how you suppose I got my wittle self in such a predicament

Oh goody goody a surprise for me

Oh Oh here comes that puddy tat again

Oh Oh rats that puddy tat

Oh Oh wacked the puddy tat

Oh pussy so cute when he scared stiff

Oh she's hot

Oh that puddy tat is mad at me

Oh the poor puddy tat is gone

Oh what a hypocrit

Old romances

Oh I hate gravity

Brrrr Baby It's cold outside (louder)

Poor puddy tat

Puddy tat is gonna be sore when he wakes up

Say is that cat as stupid as he looks stupider

Singing in the bathtub


That bad puddy tat ain't never gonna find me here

That means puddy's evil laught

That old puddy tat never gonna cacth me now

Thomas Jefferson is not president anymore, he's dead

Trailing tweety sh...

Uh Oh the puddy tat after ma again, he mad at me

Weeeeeeee I bet we're doing 90 miles an hour

Well he'll o puddy tat what you doing up here

Well what do ya know I've got an admirar

What's the matter something's going on behind my back

What's this, a letter for me

You bad old peeping tom cat

You know I lose more puddy tat that way

You know I've been sick

You're not ssscared of them are ya michael

You see he's really a nice puddy tat  reeeeehhh

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